-- Video Series --

"Shelf Life" science series

Now in its second season, The American Museum of Natural History series "Shelf Life” tells fantastic stories from more than a century of expeditions that helped build the Museum’s 33 million specimens and artifacts — and finds out what scientists are still uncovering about them today. Videos roll out monthly, and are accompanied by episode microsites and social media posts, expanding the content ecosystem across the web. The series has been featured on The Guardian, Wired, io9, and Atlas Obscura, among other outlets.
View all episodes at http://www.amnh.org/shelf-life

"Out There" cosmos series

“Out There” is a monthly video series from The New York Times that looks up and out, toward the wonders of our solar system and the universe beyond. Each episode weaves a visually stunning tapestry of evocative science journalism.  It is researched, written, designed and produced by a close collaboration of three news desks at The New York Times: Dennis Overbye from science, Jason Drakeford from video (freelance) and Jonathan Corum from the graphics desk. It is the first video series at the Times to take such an interdisciplinary approach. We bring a focused determination to communicate complex science elegantly, lyrically and at times even humorously, but always with a deep respect for the audience. So far, the team has succeeded in creating one of the Times’ most engaging and widely seen video series of 2014 - 2016.

"Smart Business" e-commerce series

This small business profile series from MailChimp highlights the unique ways these entrepreneurs use the MailChimp tools and we also give you a sneak peek into their creative process. These pieces were produced as a pilot series. 

"Kim Severson" cooking series

This cooking video series from The New York Times centers around renowned dining writer Kim Severson. The episodes worked in conjunction with a cooking app (cooking.nytimes.com) and with our ever-growing video library (video.nytimes.com). Produced in Atlanta, this series is centered around "the basics" of cooking.

"Elements" fashion series

As the art director of this New York Times fashion series, we explored the recurring concepts that make up fashion week NYC. Watch the entire series here: nytimes.com/video/elements-fashion-week/

"Summer Drinks" series

This popular step-by-step series from The New York Times highlights the best drinks to kickoff summer.