Head of VR and Immersive Content at Chorus Films

November 2016 – Present
The Chorus Films is a core group of storytellers and filmmakers who strive to create content that matters. Who tell stories that seek to engage. Who love what they do, and who compliment one another in the rare and brave fashion that makes incredible things happen. From commercial production, to web or corporate video, to our own films and documentaries - we bring the whole project through. Whether with a fleet of gaffers, grips and set designers, or a small crew capable of capturing the most intimate of moments, we do it with heart. Our model: experienced, focused and collaborative, addresses the changing market and the burgeoning need for quality commercial, branded, and original content. 


Manager of Video Design at The New York Times

May 2013 – January 2016
I work with an award-winning team of video journalists, producers, and reporters to collectively create impactful and cinematic video stories within The New York Times. Covering every aspect of the paper, these videos range from breaking news, explainers, style, entertainment, business, world news, and more. Most pieces are categorized as part of a branded series, one-off shows, long-form documentaries, or event-based productions.

My role ranges from idea generation for new series, pre-production planning, storyboarding, shooting, directing, script editing, concept refinement, type/title layout, motion design, editing, and post-production. The final piece we create is a team effort, with the aim of every production to create engaging content in the most efficient way possible, while preserving our high standards and raising the quality of our storytelling. 

I also produce “Out There” ,a monthly video series from The New York Times that looks up and out, toward the wonders of our solar system and the universe beyond. Each episode weaves a visually stunning tapestry of evocative science journalism. It is researched, written, designed and produced by a close collaboration of three news desks at The New York Times: Dennis Overbye from science, Jason Drakeford from video and Jonathan Corum from the graphics desk. Out There is the first video series at the Times to take such an interdisciplinary approach.

Each member of the team brings a focused determination to communicate complex science elegantly, lyrically and at times even humorously, but always with a deep respect for the audience. So far, the team has succeeded in creating one of the Times’ most engaging and widely seen video series of 2014, and now continuing to 2015.


Independent Director at Drakeford Studios

November 1999 – Present
Always open to hear about new challenging projects. Below are a few select clients. 

• American Museum of Natural History - Art Director, Designer, Motion-Graphics - Working with the museum on the video series "Shelf Life", creating the animation content, motion-graphics, design, and complete branding (title sequence, credit design, lower 3rds, etc.). 

David Bowie - Editor, Visual Effects Artist - Working with the legendary musician on his latest album, breaking a 10 year silence “Where Are We Now” is a music video harks back to his time in Berlin.

Penguin Books - Art Director, Motion-Design, Editor - An on-going project, I create short 1-2 minute commercials for the latest book releases. With an ever-changing style of animation and design, I juggle multiple roles to exceed deadlines, hone in a concept and push the writers and publishers creatively. 

Showtime Networks - Art Director, Online/Tablet Design - Designed the new cross-platform branding identity of Smithsonian Channel. Also worked a team assigned to a new Showtime project “Showtime Anytime” an iPad app to connect TV viewing and online content.

Ken Jacobs - Editor, Artist Assistant - One of the founders of American avant-garde cinema, pushing the art form for over 50 years, I worked with him to complete two films together, the short film "Day/Night", an experiment in a film technique, and the feature film "Seeking the Monkey King". Premiering at the 2011 New York Film Festival, screened at the MoMA, it received with great excitement along with a glowing review from the New York Times the following day and premiered at Sundance Film Festival that same year. 

WWD Magazine - Art Director, Motion-Design, Editor - The yearly CEO Summit meets every year in New York City focusing on leadership. Working with the agency XA, I took on a complete art direction, motion-graphics and editing to create a piece that the client and agency both agreed raised the bar of their current design and conveyed the message and excitement that the brand represents - all within an extremely short deadline.. 

Tony Oursler - Art Director, Editor, Motionographer - Pushing the limits of video as an art form to create a wide range of internationally recognized work, including projection-mapped sculptures, large scale installations, embedded paintings and micro-works. My role was ever-evolving to cover new techniques in art form, including live editing and animation of projection-mapped video, studio session editing, sound design, motion graphics and more. The final pieces are shown on an international scale with museum and gallery shows in Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Madrid, Helsinki, Sao Paulo, Kiev, and Seoul. 

Wonderfactory Agency - Motion-Design, Editor - I was pulled in as a freelance motion designer for one of the first iPad motion-demo (before it was released).  

Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective - Film Director - We consist of some of the most accomplished and most promising emerging filmmakers, a tight-knit community who are dedicated to innovative approaches to filmmaking. 


Art Director at MTV Networks

August 2010 - November 2011
As Art Director over the MTV and VH1 digital brand, I lead a group of designers in producing top notch creative while keeping a collaborative, inspiring creative environment that supports the two biggest entertainment brands in the world. Directing the level of creative to ensure it is relevant to the brand, product and sales strategy and exploring new and upcoming technology to leverage the products to communicate and connect with our millennial audience. Our products ranged from Tent-Pole Events (ex. VMA Video Music Awards, MTV Movie Awards), Show Promotion/Support (ex. Skins, Teen Wolf, Beavis and Butthead), Mobile/iPad Applications and Games (ex. MTV & VH1 mobile sites, VH1 Greatest Lists, Co-Star), Site Support (ex.,, Advertising (ex. Sponsorships), and more. I also worked with our Product Development, Ad Sales, Tech Development and Corporate Strategy teams, leveraging an Agile workflow process on select projects. As of fall 2011, our team collaboration has as produced outstanding results reaching 16,922,000 visitors a month on, with 110,512,000 video streams... and growing that number everyday.


Art Director at Razorfish

March 2010 - August 2010
As Art Director on Axe (a Unilever brand), my job was to design and develop fully immersive campaigns - Axe Music "One Night Only" being the most prominent. An exclusive concert series combining the hottest artists with the most intimate venues, the campaign launched August 2010 at - consisting of an interactive full-video site, Facebook campaign, mobile outreach that all tie in with Axe products branded with AR (augmented reality) codes to give users a better chance at winning tickets to the next show. The product became a dynamic, exciting, and unique way for consumers to become immersed in the experience. I also worked on several other smaller online campaigns including "Sprinkler" which you can watch on youTube -

Sr. Art Director at BBDO

June 2008 - October 2009
While at BBDO I was an integral part in winning new business pitches and creating award winning campaigns. Working with a team creating compelling design, interactive, broadcast, and motion graphics, streamlining the process of a quality product all within the realities of tight budget constraints and short deadlines. Achieved goals and solutions that span across digital, social, and mobile platforms to tap into the full potential of a brand, by not merely persuading people, but by engaging fans. With a wide range of work produced, from motion graphics, immersive websites, online video, music videos and more.

Art Director at Adult Swim

October 2006 - May 2008
Adult Swim's comedy online social network, Super Deluxe featured exclusive programming developed by established and rising comedians from Tim & Eric, Eugene Mirman, Brad Neely, David Cross, and Chelsea Peretti to name a few. Users could communicate with them and express their own sense of humor using social networking tools, such as uploading their videos, creating profiles, and sending messages. Super Deluxe become one of the most recognized underground online comedy networks, generating millions of unique visitors monthly. We received write-ups in The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Onion, and were hailed by The New York Post as the "funniest site on the web..." From branding, website design, tv spots, and more, our small team was tasked with branding this new Turner venture to target a younger, taste-making audience.

Curator/Owner at Hushpuppy Gallery

August 2007 - August 2009
My wife and I started Hushpuppy Gallery as a nest of creativity, mingling of creative spirits and a place to inspire those who visited. In addition to original art, we offered great gifts, funky t-shirts, and hosted special events such as wine tasting's and local acoustic musical performances. A few of the artists featured were Meta Gary, Adam Bueb, Allyson Ross, Erin Ashford, Kitty Snyder, Erin Dutton, and Drew Dominey. Check out an interview with Pine Magazine here

Senior Designer at Nurun

January 2004 - October 2006
While at Nurun, my responsibilities included information architecture design, concepting, storyboarding, designing, and implementation of interactive sites, online advertising, social networks, pitches, and emailers. Our clients ranged from HomeDepot Canada, AutoTrader, Cingular, L’Oreal Paris, Dasani, Disney, McDonalds Canada, Uniroyal, Pleasant Holidays, to Sea-Doo. Implementing my skills in design, illustration, and photography I would create final creative results that went above and beyond what the client expected.

Creative Director / Partner at The Longitude Group, LLC
January 2003 - October 2004

Art Director at Amerisave Mortgage
January 2002 - January 2003


Designer at Bellsouth
January 2000 - January 2002

Designer and Teacher at Kaplan Communications
January 1997 - January 2000